What is Touch Screen and How it Works (Types, Uses, Benefits)

Touch Screen Kya Hai In Hindi , computer That you will be well acquainted with many input devices. We have already told you about most of the input devices in our Hindi Blog – Techshole. So let’s know – What is Touch Screen in Hindi,

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about Touch Screen, one of the important input devices of the computer. Touch screen is used a lot in today’s time and it is also a popular device. Which is being used by most of the people.

Therefore it is also necessary to know that what is touch screenBecause it is also important to have information about the device we are using.

In this article we What is Touch Screen in Hindi, History of Touch Screen, Its Functions, Uses, Types of Touch Screen and Advantages and Disadvantages So that you will get a good knowledge about touch screen. Let’s start without delay, know more about this article what is touch screen ,

What is Touch Screen and How it Works (Types, Uses, Benefits) - What is Touch Screen in Hindi

What is Touch Screen

a touch screen computer input device which can be controlled by touch with fingers or any other device.

Touch Screen is a touch display, in which the icon visible on the screen is selected, opened and used by touching it with the fingers.

the way we KeyboardKeypad or Mouse Touch screens also work in the same way that they give instructions to the computer.

Touch Screens are used in large quantities in today’s time. We use mobile, tablet touch screen in daily life. Other than this Bank, Touch screen is also used more in ATMs, malls etc.

Who invented the touch screen (Inventor of Touch Screen in Hindi)

Doctor Gorge Samual Hurst invented the first resistive touch screen in 1975. Hurst was an American explorer.

History of Touch Screen

The touch screen idea was first developed at the Royal Radar Establishment in Malworm, UK. EA Jhonson was of EA Jhonson described the Capacitive Touch Screen (capacitor touch screen) found in modern smartphones.

Another new design of the touch screen in the early 1970s was the resistive touch screen. Which was created by Doctor Gorge Samual Hurst while studying nuclear physics at the University of Kentucky.

its name at that time allographics Was placed. However, at that time the university felt that this technology is applicable only in the laboratory. But Hurst had different ideas.

In 1975, Hurts together with his company Elographics designed the world’s first resistive touch screen.

However, this touch screen was neither brought to the world nor used until 1982.

Before 1982, many other touch screens were made, but not all of them were pressure sensitive, meaning that they were not controlled by humans.

After many improvements to the touch screen, Eternal: the first human-controlled multi-touch device in 1982 at the University of Toronto Nimish Mehta Invented by.

This device had a frosted glass panel in front of the camera which detected the action by recognizing the black spot appearing on the screen.

so guys it was like this full history of touch screen And modern touch screens are very advanced. Now we will know further how many types of touch screens are there.

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Explain the types of touch screen

There are mainly four types of touch screens –

  • Resistive Touch Screen
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Infrared Touch Screen
  • Surface Wave Touch Screen

now types of touch screen Let us understand one by one about –

1 – Resistive Touch Screen

resistive touch screen It is like a Transparent Keyboard. This type of touch screen has a flexible upper layer which is made of Conducting Polyster Plastic.

And there is a Rigid Lower Layer which is made of Conducting Glass. There is an empty space between these two.

When this touch screen is pressed, it passes a voltage and processes the touch by reaching the place where it is touched.

Resistive Touch Screens are Affordable as compared to other Touch Screens. Clearity of this type of Touch Screen is 75 percent and they do not get spoiled by external elements like dust, water etc.

In modern times, this type of Touch Screen is used a lot. Resistive touch screens are used for Electric Signature in the Super Market.

2 – Capacitive Touch Screen

Capacitive Touch Screen is a control display that takes input by the touch of the human finger. Because this type of touch screen senses the electricity of the human body.

This type of touch screen is made of conductive matter from inside and of glass from outside. When we touch through our fingers, then these touch screens work through the electricity generated from our body.

If this type of touch screen is used with gloves in hand, then it does not work because gloves are indifferent to electricity.

Capacitive Touch Screens offer higher clarity than resistive ones and operate with greater accuracy with light exposure. Capacitive Touch Screens are used in smartphones, tablets.

3 – Infrared Touch Screen

Grid Pattern of LEDs and Light Detector Photoshell are used in infrared touch screen. Infrared light is emitted from the LEDs which comes out from the front of the screen.

When the screen is touched, the path of the beam is obstructed. There is a microchip inside the screen which calculates the number of those beams and sends instructions to the controller to process where the beam is interrupted.

4 – Surface Wave Touch Screen

In Surface Wave Touch Screen, the ultrasonic wave is passed over the touch screen and when the screen is touched, the wave changes in a small spot on the screen.

Due to this change in the ultrasonic wave, it detects the touched location and sends instructions to the controller for processing., These are very advanced as compared to other touch screens.

How Does Touch Screen Work

Below the touch screen is an Electricity Conductive Layer. When the display is touched, there is a change in the electric current below, which shows that the touch has been done at some place.

Three components are important in the working of a touch screen ,

  • Touch Sensor
  • Controller
  • Software Driver

Touch Sensor

Electricity flows in the sensor, when the screen is touched, there is a movement in the electricity, due to which it is known at which location the touch has been done.


The controller is placed between the touch sensor and the computer, it takes information from the sensor and translates it to explain to the computer.

Software Driver

The computer and the touch screen are able to work together only with the help of software drivers. It interacts with the operating system with the information of the touch event sent by the controller.

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Uses of Touch Screen

Touch screen is used for different purposes in different areas.

  • Touch screen is used for the convenience of filling orders and bills in malls, gas stations, restaurants etc.
  • Touch screen is also used well in the office, touch screen is used for ID Swipe, Thumbprint Input etc.
  • Touch screens are also used in large seminars.
  • Touch screen is also used for withdrawing money from ATM to paying any type of bill.

Advantages of Touch Screen

There are many advantages of touch screen, some of which are as follows –

  • In touch screen, work can be done easily without any buttons.
  • In touch screen devices, the screen remains large, so that the user can do any work with accuracy.
  • Their interface is more user friendly than other devices.
  • Touch Screen does not require any external device to operate, it can also be operated with fingers.
  • Touch Screen can be cleaned easily.

Disadvantage of Touch Screen

Touch screen has many advantages on one hand and on the other hand it also has some disadvantages –

  • The battery life of touch screen is very less as they require more computing power.
  • Can not easily use touch screen in Direcct Sunlight because things are not easily visible in Sunlight.
  • Touch screen devices are prone to breakage if they are not maintained properly.
  • Since most touch screens are operated by finger touch or other devices, there is a possibility of damage to their screen after some time. And once they are damaged, the performance of the touch screen decreases.
  • Touch screens are not easily repaired when they are damaged.
  • Touch screens are a bit expensive as compared to normal screens.

For your information, let us tell you that apart from Touch Screen, there are other input devices like – keyboard, mouse, scanner, joystick, light pentouch screen etc.

FAQ For Touch Screen

Which device is a touch screen input or output?

touch screen a input device Is.

What is the name of the screen that recognizes touch input?

A screen that recognizes touch input is called a touch screen.

Who invented the touch screen?

The touch screen was first invented in 1975 by Doctor Gorge Samual Hurst, which was a resistive touch screen.

How many types of touch screens are there?

There are mainly four types of touch screen – Resistive Touch Screen, Capacitive Touch Screen, Infrared Touch Screen, Surface Wave Touch Screen.

Which touch screen is used in mobile?

Capacitor touch screen is used in mobile.

Conclusion – What is Touch Screen in Hindi

In this article we have Touch Screen Kya Hai In Hindi The complete information has been given in easy words of Hindi, which must have proved useful for you.

this article What is Touch Screen in Hindi By reading this, you must have understood that how important is the touch screen in today’s time and how easy the touch screen has made human life.

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