What is Unacademy (Unacademy)

Unacademy Review:- Friends, you must know that how popular online education is in today’s time, and people are also getting good benefits in this industry. because of this Unacademy, Vedantu, Byju’s, WhiteHat Junior such as learning applications Internet is present on.

In today’s article we will tell you Unacademy Kya Hai are about to tell. Unacademy which is India’s number one Online Education Platform, through which you can prepare for any exam and get a job at a high position.

in this article Unacademy In Student How join Are Can HuhEducator How join Are Can Huh, Unacademy In Student Of Fees what Isteacher Of Salary what Is And Unacademy In available Course Who? From Huh We will discuss all the topics closely so that you will not face any problem in joining Unacademy.

What is Unacademy

Unacademy (Unacademy) is a very large online learning platform working in the field of education in India. Through which students can prepare for the exam sitting at home and if you have good knowledge in any one subject then you can also teach as a teacher in Unacademy.

What is Unacademy - Unacademy Full Review

Unacademy is a very big online education platform, in which you are taught by the best teacher. Both free and paid courses are available in Unacademy.

How did Unacademy get started?

It is a matter of the year 2010 when Gaurav Munjal made a YouTube Channel Made in which he used to continuously make videos related to education and put it. When he used to put videos in YouTube channel, he had no intention that he would make it such a big company.

Gradually, he kept on putting videos and within a few months many people from all over the country joined him. In 2015, two of his friends Roman Saini and Hemesh Singh joined Unacademy with him and all three together made it a private limited company.

Since then Unacademy is continuously working in the field of education. Unacademy has a big hand in making online education successful in India.

How to Join Unacademy

You can join Unacademy in two ways, if you want to do a course in Unacademy or prepare for the exam, then you can join Unacademy as a student, for this you have to download the Unacademy Learning App and register in it. Will have.

If you want to teach online in Unacademy, then you can join it as an Educator, for this you will have to download the Unacademy Educator App and register in it.

Although it is very easy to register in both these applications, but if you are still facing any kind of problem then follow the steps given below.

How to use Unacademy Learning App

  • First of all you have to download Unacademy Learning App Play Store Download it from
  • After downloading the app, you can sign up in it by pressing the sign up button.
  • After this, you can search whatever course you want to do or prepare for any exam and watch the video related to that course. Also, you can search and follow your favorite teacher in Unacademy and read all their classes.

How to use Unacademy Educator App

  • For this you first download Unacademy Educator App from Google Play Store.
  • After that you sign up by filling your basic details in it. And in this way your Profile As a Teacher will be ready to enroll.
  • You can set your profile picture and put your teaching experience in the description.
  • After this, you have to upload a three-minute demo video of how you teach.
  • After this Unacademy checks your profile and video thoroughly and approves you for teacher in Unacademy if everything is correct.
  • If you do not get the approval once, then you can apply for the second time also.
  • So in this way you can earn money sitting at home by making your course in unacademy educator app.

Note – There should not be any kind of copyright material in the Unacademy demo video created by you. The quality of video and audio should be good in which your voice should be clear and clear.

What is Unacademy Plus

Paid courses are also available through Unacademy to prepare for any exam, it is called Unacademy Plus Courses. Just like you go to an offline coaching class by paying money, in the same way you can watch the full video of the course at home on your phone or laptop by buying Plus Course in Unacademy.

Benefits of Unacademy Plus

By subscribing to Unacademy Plus, you get the following benefits –

  • In Unacademy Plus, you are given a live class by the Educator in which all your doubts are cleared. Whatever you have, you can ask it in the comment box below and you will get the answer immediately.
  • In Unacademy Plus course, you have a test every week, which makes your exam preparation better.
  • The fees for Unacademy Plus course are very less as compared to offline coaching classes.
  • In Unacademy Paid Course, only those Educators come to teach, whose number of followers is more and the tag of Verified is kept on these Educators, because their method of teaching is very good.

What are the courses available in Unacademy (Unacademy Courses Hindi)

In Unacademy you can read the following types of courses and subjects –

UPSC, IAS, SSC, Bank PO and Clerk, State PCS, CAT, NEET, Medical Exam, AIMS Entrance Exam, IIT- JEE, GATE, UGC NET, Defense, 10th and 12th Class as well as a variety of courses available By which you can prepare for any exam.

Apart from this, you can study Math, Science, GS, Reasoning, Current Affairs, History, Political, Geography etc. Subject can study in Unacademy.

Unacademy Fees Structure

In Unacademy Plus you get Paid Courses and Fees of different types of courses are also different. And this Fees can range from Rs 1000 to Rs 30000. In some courses this Fees can be even more than this. for more information you Unacademy official website Can check on.

What is the salary of a teacher in Unacademy (Unacademy Educator Salary)

Unacademy gives you money according to the views, that means, after becoming an Educator in Unacademy, whatever video you put in it, according to the number of views, Unacademy gives money to the Educator.

If your method of teaching is better and the ones provided by you Content If I have guts then Unacademy promotes you and when you become famous then you can earn money by running Paid Course in Unacademy.

Some of Unacademy’s Best Teachers

  • Roman Saini Sir for UPSC Mains preparation.
  • Mrinal sir for Indian economy.
  • Awadhesh Singh Sir for Ethics and Integrity Studies.
  • Shreya Sharma for Environment and Ecology
  • Rahul Agarwal Politics for Current Affairs
  • Jatin Verma, Ajay Kumar Best Teacher for Current Affairs
  • Surdarshan Gurjar Sir Unacademy Best Geography Educator.
  • Bharat Gupta sir for CAT exam.

Unacademy Contact Details

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FAQ For Unacademy

Is Unacademy free?

In Unacademy, you get both free and paid courses. You get paid courses in Unacademy Plus.

What is Unacademy Educator Application?

In Unacademy Educator Application you can apply for Teacher in Unacademy.

Who is the founder of Unacademy?

Gaurav Munjal is the founder of Unacademy.

Where are the Unacademys?

Unacademy which is a popular online education platform in India which is based in Bangalore.

Conclusion: What is Unacademy in Hindi

Through this article we Unacademy Kya Hai In Hindi We have given complete information from which you must have got to know a lot about Unacademy. If you are also preparing for any exam and want to study online then you can join Unacademy. We hope that you must have liked this article written by us, do share it with your friends also.

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