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What is Vedantu App in Hindi: what is today’s era computer That is, the digital age, all things are gradually getting upgraded. Our life has become very easy and advance. We can do almost all our work sitting at home.

This Digital The effect of the era has also been on our education system. Nowadays children spend most of their time on mobile and can learn a lot from mobile.

nowadays Internet But there are many learning apps through which children can achieve mastery in their subject by getting very good education.

One of those apps is Vedantu which we will know about in this article. Vedantu is a learning app available on the Internet through which children can do their study online.

Complete information about Vedantu App in Hindi

In this article we What is Vedantu App And will give all the information related to it, after reading which there should not be any doubt in your mind about Vedantu.

What is Vedantu App – (What Is Vedantu App)

Vedantu There is a learning application with the help of which you can get High Quality Live Class sitting at home.

In this, all the students are given classes from 1 to 12. JEEEducation is given by Well Qualified Teacher of India for the studies of NEET, IIT, CBSE, ICSE Board.

In Vedantu app, you can also win scholarship by answering the questions correctly and can also get free education. The main objective of this app is to connect the children of all classes of India with education.

Vedantu Application Absolutely Byju’s App, WhiteHat JR, Udemy App And Unacademy It is doing incredible work in education like a platform.

When Vedantu was launched

Vedantu app first came into existence in 2011 and was launched on Online Tutoring Platform in October 2014.

Vedantu is being run by four friends from IITs namely – Saurabh Saksena (Co-Founder, Prominent Educationist), Vamsi Krishna (Co-Founder, CEO), Pulkit Jain (Co-Founder and Product Head) and Anand Prakash (co-founder).

What does Vedantu mean?

The word Vedantu is derived from Sanskrit language which means. Vedas – Knowledge, Tantu – Network. That is, the network of knowledge or the network of knowledge.

Vedantu is India’s largest e-learning app today. Which has more than 10 million installations in the Play Store.

Benefits of using Vedantu app

There are many benefits of using Vedantu which make your study much easier.

  • Live classes are run in Vedantu, if you have any query in your mind then you can ask without hesitation.
  • The teachers who are in Vedantu are all well qualified, they guide you well.
  • If you miss a live class for any reason, you can watch it later. You are not charged any money for this.
  • In this, you can also win a scholarship by answering some questions.
  • Along with Live Class in this App Quiz It is also given so that children remain curious in reading.
  • In this app, all the doubts of the children are cleared, and notes are also made available according to the subject and tests are also taken.
  • Co-curricular activities (like Turbo, Photography, CodingRocket Pro) has also been added.

How to download Vedantu app

Vedantu app is a famous learning app in India, this app will be easily available to you in Play Store. Vedantu app has more than 10 million installations.

  • First of all go to your Play Store.
  • Then search Vedantu in the search bar and install Vedantu app.


How To Use Vedantu App – How To Use Vedantu App

  • After installing Vedantu app, open it.
  • Now you have to allow Location Access.
  • After this register in Vedantu app with your mobile number.
  • Then an OTP will come in the registered mobile number, enter that OTP.
  • After this, enter your name and after selecting your class, your board, your subject and your target exam, click on the option of Start Learning.
  • Congratulations, now you have successfully logged in to the Vedantu app.

Some features will be available on the home screen of Vedantu which are as follows –

  • Join Course For Free
  • Quick Access
  • Attend Live Class
  • Scholarship, Rewards and results
  • Lecture with Live Quiz
  • Micro Course
  • Choose Your Micro Course

1. Join Course For Free

By using this feature in Vedantu app, you can study for free, as soon as you click on it, you will be asked to select the target, in this you will get 3 options.

  • CBSE 2021
  • ICSE 2021
  • Maharashtra Board 2021

First of all select your board.

Now to join the course, click on the enroll button in the last.

After this, after entering your Maid ID, click on the option with Let me in.

Now in a short time you will get a Welcome Note. Now you can do Live Class Attend of your Board.

2 – Quick Access

In this feature you get the following features –

  • Scholarship
  • Vocabulary
  • Micro Courses
  • brainybot
  • Daily News
  • Special Quiz
  • Get Punny
  • Concept Video
  • Keep Learning
  • Brain Food
  • Study Material
  • Quoz Spot

3 – Attend Live Class

In this feature of Vedantu, you will get all the information about Upcoming Class and Past Class. And at the same time, all the information about Live Class is also available – like which subject’s class is? Who is the teacher? Class Timing?

4 – Lecture with Live Quiz

By using this feature, you will be asked quiz along with live class.

5 – Micro Course

In this feature, you get small courses at a very low price, such as the course of a chapter.

Where to get Study Material in Vedantu App?

In Vedantu app you will get the option of a menu, click on it. And then click on the option of Study.

You will get all the study material related to the board and the topic you selected while logging into the app.

Now open whatever subject you want to read by clicking on it, here you will get to read all the topics related to that subject.

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How to give test in Vedantu App?

Within the Vedantu app, you will get the option of Test in the menu itself, click on it. Here you get to see two sections.

1. All Here you will get all the details of Live Contest. Click on Attempt Now to give the test.

2. Attempted Here you will get the list of those tests which you have attempted.

FAQ For Vedantu App In Hindi

When did Vedantu launch?

Vedantu App was launched in October 2014 on Online Tutoring Platform.

Who is the founder of Vedantu?

Vedantu was created by four friends from IIT named Saurabh Saksena, Vamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain And Anand Prakash Is.

How to become a teacher on Vedantu?

To become a teacher on Vedantu, you have to fill a simple form, which is checked by the team of Vedantu and selects the best profile. After this you have to make a demo video. If you are successful in this then you will be made a teacher in Vedantu.

What are the fees of Vedantu?

different , Fees of Vedantu are different for different courses. Fees of Vedantu Application is 1150 which you can pay through Net Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card.

Conclusion – What is Vedantu App in Hindi

So friends, through today’s article, we told you that What is Vedantu App And What are the features of Vedantu App app? and also Use Vedantu App Told how to do it.

After reading this article you Vedantu app From Got to learn about many things related to it. Hope you must have liked this article written by us. Do share this article with maximum of your friends so that they too can get accurate information about Vedantu.

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