What is Web Browser and how it works (Web Browser In Hindi)

What is web browser in Hindi: web browsers that we use in our daily life Internet to access and Google But let’s search, you all must have heard its name and you must also be using the browser.

but do you know, what is web browser How Work does Is, World of first browser Who? Like Is, browser Of what Properties Huh And browser of Use Why? did go Is, If you want to get all this type of information about the browser, then definitely read this article till the end.

In this article, we have not only told you about the browser, but also told you about some of the best web browsers in the world. So let’s start this article without any delay.

What is web browser?

a special type of web browser Software With the help of which the user can easily find and use the content available on the Internet. in any browser web page to find search engine Have to take help. We can easily access any webpage on the Internet by searching in the search engine.

What is Web Browser and how does the browser work?

when your mobile or computer I will have Internet On only then you can use the browser. Web browser cannot work without internet. If your device does not have a web browser, then you cannot search anything through the internet.

Web Browser is made up of two words Web and Browser. Web means internet and browser means search. That is, with the help of web browser, we can search any information on the internet.

Overall, a web browser is a application software With the help of which the user can easily find the content on the Internet like articles, videos, audios, images, games, etc.

History of Browser

Web browsers have been present in computers ever since the invention of the Internet. The world’s first web browser was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, named WORLD WIDE WEB (world wide web) was placed. But later its name was changed to Nexus to differentiate it from the real World Wide Web. After this, gradually more browsers were made and many new features were added to them so that the user can get ease in running the internet.

Today you will see many types of browsers in your computer and mobile like Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Safari etc. But Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser in the 1990s.

How does the browser work (How Does Web Browser Work in Hindi)

All of you must be using web browser to find anything on the internet. You must be reading this article of ours on one or the other browser. Web browser is an important part of human life, so you should also know how web browsers work.

With the help of web browser, we can view any web page on the internet which has different web protocols. protocol Let’s say there is a rule. The way we learn to speak any language, there are some rules for it, when we speak following those rules then only the person in front will understand us. Like to speak English you have to follow the rules of Grammar.

In the same way web browser needs language to understand us and the rules of that language Http (Hyper Text Protocol) is called.

When we search something on the browser with the help of mobile or computer commands If you give HTTP in your language web server Tells how to convert the content of the web page into the correct format and show it to the user

HTTP connects the user and the server to each other. When the user searches anything in the browser, the browser sends the user’s request to the web server in the form of an HTTP command. After this the browser connects to the web server where that information is available. After this the browser shows all the information to the user.

World Best Browser

Here is an example of some of the best browsers in the world, which are used the most, the following are –

  1. google chrome Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, which was launched by Google in 2008. You can use Chrome browser in all smartphones, computers, tablets.
  2. internet explorer Internet Explorer was launched by Microsoft in 1995. It can be used only in computer.
  3. Safari Safari has been created by Apple company, you can use it in PC, mobile, tablet.
  4. Mozilla Firefox Mozilla is also a popular web browser created by Mozilla Corporation. You can also use it on all devices.
  5. Opera Opera is also one of the commonly used browser, it was launched in 1995. You can use it on computer, tablet and smartphone.
  6. Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge is also a good web browser that was created by Microsoft for Windows 10. But you can also use it on smartphones and tablets.
  7. UC Browser UC Browser is a commonly used browser on smartphones and tablets. It was launched by Ali Baba Group in April 2004.

Features of Browser

A web browser has the following features –

  • There is an option of Bookmark in the browser so that the user can bookmark useful and useful website in future.
  • With the help of Address Bar present in the browser, the user can easily URL Can reach that webpage by entering.
  • You can reload a webpage with the Refresh option.
  • With the help of tab valve option, you can access multiple websites on one browser at the same time.
  • Browser has the option of Back and Forward so that users can go to the next or previous page on which they were.
  • Browsers support many types of extensions, so that the user gets ease in running the internet.
  • Almost all web browsers have the option of Dark Mode.
  • You can save the password of your different accounts in the browser.
  • All Browsers have In-Built Search Engine.

Uses of Browser

Web browser is mainly used to access the internet. User can listen to songs, watch videos, read articles, download any file with the help of browser. Web browser is used for such important works.

Browser FAQ

What is a browser?

Browser is a special type of software with the help of which internet is accessed.

Why is a browser used?

Browser is used to search any webpage with the help of internet.

Which is the most popular browser?

According to a report, Google Chrome is the most popular browser in 2021.

Which is the world’s first web browser?

The world’s first web browser was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, which was named WWW (world wide web). But later its name was changed to Nexus to differentiate it from the real World Wide Web.

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We Learned: What is Web Browser in Hindi

Through this article, we have explained to you in very simple language that what is browser In English And how does it work. Browser is very important to use internet properly. Because with the help of browser only we can find the information available on the internet.

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