What is web designing – how to become a web designer and earn money

Web Designer in Hindi: Internet But you must have heard about web designing but do you know? What is web designing, how to do web designing, how to learn web designing And What are the benefits of becoming a web designer,

If you want to get complete information about web designing then read this article till the end. In this, we have given you all the information related to web designing in very easy language, after reading this article you will become aware of all the basic requirements of becoming a Professional Web Designer.

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What is Web Designing (Web Designing in Hindi)

The whole process of creating any website is called web designing. Under this, processes like Layout, Content, Font, Color, Graphic Design etc. come. In web designing, all these elements have to be well organized. In technical terms, web designing is called web development.

What is web designing - how to become a web designer and earn money

Structure of any website or web page HTML Language Which is a markup computer language. After building the website structure from HTML CSS Language The website is made attractive by.

Types of Web Designing

There are mainly two parts of web designing –

  • Front end Designing
  • Back end Designing

1 – Front End Designing

Website The design which is visible to the user after opening it is called Front-end designing. Front end designing of the website is made in such a way that the user does not face any problem in accessing the entire website. He can easily access the website.

While designing the front-end, it is also kept in mind that the interface of the website should be attractive, the font used in the content should be good, the color combination should be correct, the navigation should be proper in the website.

Overall, front-end designing is the part of web designing that is made for the user so that he can visit the website well without any hassle.

For front-end designing, you should also have knowledge of HTML, CSS coding along with Photoshop.

2 – Back end Designing

Back-end designing is very important in web designing. This designing is not visible to the user. With the help of back-end designing, the developer can prevent many things that the user cannot access.

For back end designing PHP is the easiest language, very large websites such as wordpress, facebook etc. are also made in PHP. Apart from PHP, you can go for back-end designing SQL Database Language can use.

How to become Web Designer

Whenever you decide to do something in your life today, then the most important thing is to start it, when you know how to start then you can learn things slowly. And you can do whatever you want to achieve in your life.

if you want to be a web designer For this also you need to learn some things in the beginning, by learning which you can become a good web designer –

1 – Photoshop

To create any website or web page, its structure is first designed how it will look and then coding is written accordingly.

To design the structure of the website, you Photoshop can use. You can also create the structure of a website with the basic knowledge of Photoshop.

2 – Learn HTML and CSS

To learn web designing, you first need to learn basic things like HTML and CSS. coding language Will have to learn As we mentioned above, coding of HTML and CSS is necessary for doing front-end design of the website.

3 – Learn PHP

PHP Language Used in the back-end of the website. Knowledge of PHP language is also necessary to become a Professional Web Designer. This will also strengthen your hold in Web Designing.

4 – Learn JavaScript and jQuery

To become an Advance or Pro Web Designer you need JavaScript And jQuery Like it is necessary to have knowledge of language. If you are just in the beginning of learning web designing then this language is not so important for you, but later on when you decide to become a professional web designer then this language also becomes important for you.

5 – Learn to use the tools needed for web designing

Just as tools make any task very easy, similarly there are many web designing tools which make your work easy. If you have basic knowledge of computer then you can easily learn to use the tools of web designing. Some of the major tools for web designing are as follows –

  • For Designing – Photoshop or Corel Draw
  • To write code – Notepad++ either Dreamweaver
  • Web browser , chrome, firefox, Opera, Safari e.t.c.

These are some basic tools that you can use for web designing. Although later you will have to learn about advance things, but initially you can learn web designing using the tools mentioned above.

How to design website

If you want to design a website with the help of web designing, then HTML, CSS and JAVA programming language Take a lesson If you want to design website without coding then main: Popular CMS like – wordpress, blogger You can easily design a website by joining and installing.

How to learn Web Designing

You have many ways to learn web designing, you can learn web designing both online and offline.

How To Learn Online Web Designing

You can take the help of YouTube videos to learn web designing online. You can learn web designing through online tutorial, free E-book etc. To learn web designing for free, you may have to face a lot of difficulties, because you have to research things and collect all the information. Which will take you a lot of time. You can take paid courses for web designing.

In online, you will find many websites offering paid courses, some of which we have listed below –

  • w3school
  • Codeacademy
  • Tutorialspoint
  • Udemy

How to Learn Offline Web Designing

You will find many ways to learn web designing even offline, you can learn web designing by joining the institute. You can do Diploma in Web Designing. Often the duration of the web designing course in the institute ranges from 6 months to 1 year.

Eligibility for Web Designing

Web You can learn designing at any age. Whether you have 10th pass, 12th pass, graduation or you are doing job you can learn web designing anytime.

Your age also has nothing to do with web designing, whether you are 18, 25 or 40, you can learn web designing at any age.

Web Design Course Fees

Web designing fees vary from institute to institute. As we have mentioned above, there are two parts of web designing front – end and back – end designing. You have to learn both of these. For the front-end, you will have to take classes in Photoshop, HTML, CSS etc. and for the back-end you will have to learn PHP or any database language.

Well you can also learn web designing through YouTube videos online for free, but if you ever face any problem in this then you can not ask, but if you join Coaching Institute then you can do very well in a very short time. You can learn web designing.

The fees for web designing course can range from 10000 to 50000 rupees. Whenever you go to an institute for web designing course, first find out the fees there and also find out what things they will teach.

Make a career in web designing and earn money

By learning web designing, you can also earn money by working from home online, if you want to get a job in the field of web designing then many options will open for your career.

In today’s time digital marketing is on a lot of boom, all the companies are selling their products. Digital Marketing Sells by. Web designing is very important in digital marketing, because a website is needed to promote an online product.

Therefore, a web designer has many options to make a better career. A web designer can do the following types of jobs,

  • website designing company
  • software manufacturing company
  • website optimizing
  • web marketing firm
  • in educational institutions
  • Domain and Hosting Provider Company
  • Website Development Firm

There are many different positions in web designing as well, as your experience in the work increases, your position also keeps on progressing. Overall, there are many career options available for web designers.

Web Designer Salary

The salary of a web designer also varies depending on the job and company. A fresher web designer gets a salary between 12 to 20 thousand, but gradually as the experience in the work increases, the salary of the web designer also remains in lakhs.

Benefits of becoming a web designer

You get many benefits of becoming a web designer such as –

  • You can earn money online sitting at home.
  • The biggest achievement in the world of internet can be achieved.
  • You can get a good paying job through web designing.
  • You can bring your creativity to the world.

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FAQ – Complete information about Web Designing

How to become a web designer?

To become a web designer, you should learn Photoshop, HTML and CSS well and then learn PHP or any database language. If you learn all this then you will become a web designer.

Which language to learn for web designing?

For web designing, you can learn these four languages ​​​​HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

What are the essential tools for web designing?

For web designing you will need Photoshop, Notepad++ and a web browser.

What is the salary of a web designer?

Initially, the salary of a web designer can be 12 to 20 thousand rupees a month. The salary is also different in different company.

Conclusion: What is Web Designing in Hindi

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