What is wide area network and its types

WAN Kya Hai In Hindi – In today’s article we will tell you Network Let’s talk about the largest form of WAN. computer WAN is the largest type of network that connects computers all over the world. With the help of WAN, we are able to do many types of tasks online. That’s why you also need to have knowledge about Wide Area Network (WAN).

In this article you will get to know that What is Wide Area Network, what are the types of Wide Area Network, examples of WAN, features of WAN and what are the advantages and disadvantages of WAN.

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What is Wide Area Network (What is WAN)

wide area network Which is called WAN or WAN in short, it is the largest network which is spread all over the world. With the help of WAN, all the countries of the world are able to connect with each other. in the manner LAN And MAN The geographical area of ​​the network is fixed but the geographical area of ​​the WAN is not fixed. It can cover the whole world.

What is Wide Area Network - What is WAN in Hindi (Wide Area Network)

WAN network is created by connecting many LANs and MANs together. The speed of data transmission of WAN network is less than other networks because its area is very large. Setting up a WAN network is a very costly and complicated process.

WAN networks are mostly public or privately owned networks, they provide a useful way of sharing resources between users over a large geographical area, such as over large geographic areas. dataAudio, Image, Video and long distance transmission of information.

The Internet is the best example of a wide area network, which keeps the whole world connected together.

Full name of WAN (WAN Full Form in Hindi)

The full form of WAN is Wide Area Network, which is called Wide Area Network in Hindi.

WAN Network in Hindi

Types of Wide Area Network

There are two main types of connections of WAN –

  1. Point – to – Point WAN
  2. Switched WANs

#1 – Point – to – Point WAN

Point to Point is a form of communication that provides a direct path from a certain point to another. A point-to-point wide area network (WAN) consists of two end nodes that are connected by a leased line in a typical configuration.

one on the network router Connected to a Channel Service Unit (CSU) at local customer premises using a serial transmission interface such as V.35. The CSU provides the interface between the router and the leased line of the telco. A similar setup is configured in remote customer premises. Because a point-to-point WAN link has only two end nodes, addressing is not required to be provided for the end nodes at the data-link layer.

Point-to-point WAN connections typically use High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC), Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), or one of their derivatives – such as Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). Huh.

#2 – Switched WAN

Switched WAN does not have any end nodes. Switched WAN network is a network of point-to-point networks that provide access to multiple end nodes. A switched WAN can be a circuit-switched network or a packet-switched network.

Example of Wide Area Network

Following are some examples of WAN –

  • Internet (Internet)
  • Airlines Company
  • Cable Companies
  • elder Bank (Banks)
  • Large telecommunications companies
  • Stocks Brokerage (Stock brokerages)
  • 4G mobile broadband (4G Mobile Broadband Systems)
  • Network Provider
  • Satellite systems

Features of Wide Area Network

  • Wide Area Network is the largest network.
  • With the help of WAN, two countries can also be connected together.
  • Thousands of computers can also be connected to each other through a wide area network.
  • Since WAN is a very large network, the speed of data transmission is less in comparison to other networks.
  • Initially, the cost of creating a WAN network is high.

Advantages of Wide Area Network in Hindi

The advantages of wide area network are as follows –

  • WAN is the largest network, with the help of this we can connect two countries also.
  • With the help of WAN we can do all our file And data You can keep it safe in a single computer which is called Server. Other computers connected to the WAN Server You can get the stored data in .
  • WAN covers a larger area than LAN and MAN, hence the need for WAN bandwidth is also high as compared to other networks.
  • With the help of WAN network, you can talk to a person living in a distant city or other country in such a way that he is sitting in front of you. such as video calling.
  • With the help of WAN network, you can communicate with other users. Software and can share other computer resources.
  • WAN provides you the facility to get updated files and data from the server. If the data is updated in the server then all the connected devices can easily get that file.
  • Today with the help of WAN network Business Man can also sell his product online not only in his city, state or country but also in other countries.

Disadvantage of Wide Area Network in Hindi

There are many advantages on the WAN side as well, while on the other hand it also has some disadvantages such as –

  • There is a problem of security of the user in the WAN network, the problem of data theft and loss of data remains in this network. You must have seen how people do fraud through the internet. However, the company also provides many facilities to keep the user’s data safe.
  • Managing a WAN is a very complex task. The manager has to ensure that the data center is up and running 24/7. If downtime comes for any time, then crores of rupees may have to be lost.
  • Since the WAN network faces security issues, it is necessary to protect the data transfer over the Internet. firewall And Antivirus Using such software is a basic requirement of WAN.
  • Since the wide area network is very large, in the beginning the cost of setting it up is also high.

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Common questions related to Wide Area Networks

What is the full form of WAN?

The full form of WAN is Wide Area Network.

What is required to build a wide area network?

Fiber optic cables are essential for building a wide area network.

How big can the van be?

WAN network is the largest network that connects computers all over the world.

What are examples of vans?

The best example of WAN is the Internet.

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