What is WWW (WWW) and how it works (World Wide Web In Hindi)

What is WWW in Hindi: Internet But whatever website you see, one thing is common in all that is WWW. WWW is used in all the websites you will see on the Internet. Seeing WWW in all the websites, sometimes it must have come to your mind that after all this What is WWW in Hindi.

It is important for every internet user to know about WWW because internet has become the most important part of our life today.

If you do not have information about WWW, then you must read this article till the end. In this article we have told you WORLD WIDE WEB what happensWORLD WIDE WEB of Invention Who? didWORLD WIDE WEB what Work does IsWORLD WIDE WEB How Work does IsWORLD WIDE WEB Of advantages And Harm what Huh,

So, without taking much of your time, let’s start today’s article and know more. WORLD WIDE WEB detail in hindi From,

What is WWW (WWW) and how it works (World Wide Web In Hindi)

What is WWW (What is WWW in Hindi)

WWW, whose full name is World Wide Web, also known as Web or W3. WWW is an information space where everything available on the Internet Website The link to the content like image, video, audio, text etc. is stored. User can access the information present in WWW URL (Uniform Resource Locators) are able to access.

If you understand in simple language, two things have an important role for the Internet to work, one is the Client who accesses the Internet and the other is servers Who provides service on the Internet.

The way you are reading this article of ours, the content is directly reaching your device from our server. Similarly, all the websites that exist have their own separate servers. The system that is needed for the server to work is called WWW.

All the information of all the websites is stored in WWW. Every link you click on the Internet has a URL. Client can view any specific website through URL.

3 Technique is used for WWW. URL by which any website can be searched in the Internet. The second HTML by which the web document is created. and third https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) It is a protocol (rule) to run the Internet.

What is the full form of WWW (WWW Full Form in Hindi)

The full form of WWW is World Wide Web. It is also known simply as Web or W3.

History of WWW

In 1989, Tim Berners-lee invented the world wide web. At that time he was a software engineer in an organization called CERN. Tim Berners-lee realized while working on a project that different types of data computer And being in the program is very difficult to manage. And exchanging information is also very difficult.

To solve this problem, he started working on hypertext. In fact, hypertext is a way in which hyperlink Different webpages can be connected through.

Tim wanted to share information between computers around the world using this technology. Initially his proposal was turned down, but his boss found this technology very interesting and suggested Tim to work on it.

Tim Berners-lee in 1990 HTML, created HTTP and URL, which is still the foundation of the Web today. In 1991, the WWW had reached most parts of the world.

In addition, the world’s first Web browser It was also created by Tim Berners-lee, whose name was also the world wide web, although later it was named Nexus to differentiate it from the real world wide web.

how does the www work

By now you must have realized that what is WWW, WWW is an information space in which the information store of all the websites present on the Internet is stored and the user needs a URL to access the website.

One to search the URL software application What is needed is called a web browser. When the user searches a URL in the browser, the browser sends his request to WWW. URL IP address Has a human readable form.

WWW HTTP NOW protocol to the website address by Domain Name Searches in the server, when the address matches with the page hosted in the server, WWW sends the page back to the web browser and the web browser displays that page in front of the user.

So this is how WWW works. URL, HTML Document, HTTP and Browser are used to make WWW work.

Advantages of WWW

There are many advantages of the World Wide Web, out of which we have told you about some of the major advantages in the article.

  • You can get a lot of information for free through WWW.
  • WWW users in large quantities data Allows sharing.
  • www also does the work of making the information accessible to the user from all over the world.
  • World wide web is used by any device such as mobile, desktop, tablet, laptop etc.
  • WWW has become a global media, through which we can get information from any part of the world.

Disadvantage of WWW

The disadvantages of World Wide Web are as follows –

  • Internet is required for the World Wide Web to work. You cannot use WWW if your device does not have an internet connection.
  • There is a danger of hacking in the World Wide Web, because many devices are hacked through the Internet.
  • Many news in the World Wide Web are false. Due to which wrong information reaches the user.

Difference between Internet and WWW

Many people consider WWW and Internet to be the same, but WWW is very different from Internet. The Internet is a huge network that connects computers and network devices around the world. Whereas WWW is an information hub that transmits information to the user through the Internet.

Following are some of the major differences between WWW and Internet.

Internet www (world wide web)
Internet was started in 1960. WWW was invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-lee.
The Internet is made of hardware. WWW is a software.
Internet can run even without WWW. WWW cannot run without internet.
Computers in the Internet are searched by IP address. Information in WWW can be searched by URL.
internet computer, bridge, routerlike satellite hardware equipments are used. Programs, Hypertext, Protocol, Webpage etc. are used in WWW.
Internet uses IP address. WWW uses Http.
(Difference between Internet and WWW in Hindi)

Common questions related to WWW

What is the full form of WWW?

The full form of WWW is World Wide Web.

Who invented WWW?

The WWW was invented by Tim Berners-lee in 1989.

How does WWW work?

WWW is a collection of information that transmits information to the user through the Internet.

Which was the world’s first web browser?

The world’s first web browser was the world wide web, which was created by Tim Berners-lee in 1991.

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If you have read this article till the end then you must have understood that WWW What’s up In English And how important it is to the Internet. Although the Internet was invented before WWW, but WWW has an important role in making the Internet so advanced.

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