What is Zip Disk Drive and its Types

Zip Disk Drive In Hindi: Internet But in today’s time there are many types of high storage capacity storage devices available, yet we do not know much about the storage devices used in earlier times. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about one such storage device which was used a lot in the 90s.

Zip disk is the only storage device that was widely used in earlier times, but now these disks are almost extinct from the market. Because of the advanced capacity storage devices that exist today, no one uses zip disks.

Today we will tell you through this article That Zip Disk what is, zip Disc Of type, zip Disc of history, zip Disc Of Properties, zip Disc And floppy Disc In gap, zip Disc Of Advantages And Harm what Huh,

You will get all this information in this article. If you want to know about Zip Disk, then definitely read the article till the end, so let’s start this article today. zip What is disk drive in hindi.

What is Zip Disk Drive and its types - What is Zip Disk Drive in Hindi

What is Zip Disk Drive

zip disc computer I have a secondary storage device that can be used data is used to store. Zip Disk magnetic disc There is a type of . This is a non-volatile memory, that means even after the power supply is turned off, the data stored in the Zip Disk remains safe.

Zip disk was developed by Iomega company, it was an advance version of floppy disk. Zip Disc Size 3.5 Inch floppy disk is similar to. To use Zip Disk, a special drive is required which is called Zip Disk Drive.

Zip disks were available in capacities ranging from 100 MB to 750 MB and were used to store, share and back up large amounts of data, which was not possible with normal floppy disks.

memory Sticks, DRD – RW and higher storage capacity hard disk With this, the use of Zip discs started decreasing and gradually this disc disappeared from the market.

History of Zip Disk

Zip Disk was developed in 1995 by the Iomega company, which had a storage capacity of 100 MB. Due to the low storage capacity of floppy disks, zip disks started being used as secondary storage devices. Zip disk was a very popular device for storing data at that time.

The storage capacity of Zip Disk was increased to 250 MB in 1998 and 750 MB in 2002. But the 750 MB zip disk could only read the data, it was not capable of writing the data. Zip was a floppy-like technology with the design concept of the hard disk and the Bernoulli disk before the Iomega.

Type of Zip Disk

There are 3 types of Zip Discs available in the market depending on their storage capacity.

#1 – 100 MB Zip Disk

A 100 MB zip disk is used to read and write data. In this, the speed of writing data is more than 250 MB zip disk.

#2 – 250 MB Zip Disk

Data can also be read and written using 250 MB zip disk, but the speed of writing data in it is less than 100 MB disk.

#3 – 750 MB Zip Disk

750 MB zip disk is used for reading data only. Data cannot be written in it.

Features of Zip Disk

Following are some of the major features of Zip Disk –

  • Zip disk is a secondary storage device used to store, backup and share data.
  • Zip disks are available in storage capacities of 100 MB, 250 MB and 750 MB.
  • Zip disk is a non volatile memory.
  • Zip disk is an advanced version of floppy disk.
  • A drive is required to run Zip disc which is called Zip Drive.
  • Zip disk is an advanced version of floppy disk.

Advantages of Zip Disk

Following are the advantages of Zip disc –

  • Data can be stored for a long time in Zip disk.
  • A zip disk can store a large amount of data as compared to a floppy disk.
  • Due to non-volatile storage, the data stored in the zip disk remains stored even after the power supply is turned off.
  • Zip disks were a very popular storage device in the 1990s.

Disadvantage of Zip Disk

Zip disc also has some disadvantages such as –

  • The storage capacity of zip disk is much less than that of hard disk.
  • Zip discs are no longer in use.
  • Zip discs are easy to move but very difficult to remove.
  • Zip discs cost more.

Difference Between Zip Disk and Floppy Disk

We have explained the difference between zip disk and floppy disk in the table below –

zip disc Drive floppy disk Drive
The size of zip disk is larger than that of floppy disk. Floppy disk is smaller in size than zip disk.
The storage capacity of Zip Disk is up to 750 MB. The storage capacity of floppy disk is up to 1.44 MB.
Zip discs cost more than floppy discs. The cost of floppy disk is low.
Large amount of data can be stored in zip disk Very little data is stored in the floppy disk.
Zip Disk is the Advance version of Floppy Disk. Floppy disk is an older storage device than zip disk.
(Difference Between Zip Disk and Floppy Disk)

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Common Questions About Zip Disk

What is Zip Disk?

Zip disk is a secondary storage device used to store data.

What device is a Zip Disk?

Zip is a disk storage device.

Who made the zip disc?

Zip Disc was created in 1995 by Imoga Company.

What is the use of Zip Disk?

The disk which is used for data storage, data backup and data sharing.

Why are zip discs no longer used?

Zip discs are no longer used today, with the advent of high-capacity storage devices, Zip discs are no longer used.

You have learned: What is Zip Disk Drive in Hindi

Through this article, we have given you complete information about Zip Disk, by reading which you must have understood that Zip Disk Kya Hai In Hindi, zip Disc Of type, Properties, Advantages, Harm what Huh, Zip discs were a popular storage device in the 90s. At that time zip disks were most commonly used to store data. However, in today’s time with the advent of storage devices with high storage capacity, zip disk has almost disappeared from the market.

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