Which are the best countries to study Physics?

Studying physics on a broad level after high school can strengthen your quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills that are also valuable in areas beyond physics. If you want to study Physics at a higher level and want to work in Science and Technology, then there are many universities in the world that offer Bachelors, Masters and PhD/Doctoral degrees in Physics. Geophysicist, Metallurgist, nanotechnologistranging from Research Scientist, Sound Engineer, Astronomer, Radiation Protection Practitioner data analystThere are excellent career options in Physics, Clinical Technologist etc. Let us know about the best country to study Physics around the world.

best country to study physics

Studying Physics in any of the above mentioned universities can definitely help you reach greater heights and make a stable career for yourself. The degrees offered at the universities are internationally recognized and can be used around the world. Countries like USA, UK and Canada are known for providing excellent education to both domestic and international students from all over the world. Below are the best countries to study Physics-


Compared to other countries in the field of technology, education and research United States of america Already far ahead. country world no 1 university MIT ‘s home. Below is a list of the Best Universities in America for Physics Programs along with their QS Ranking 2022-


quality education And the UK has a strong reputation for providing excellent research facilities. Many UK academics are world leaders in their respective fields and Universities in UK Ensure that the best learning facilities are provided to the students. The top universities in UK for Physics are listed below-


It is a fact that Canada has a smaller population than the United States, so there are ample career options for international students. Canada is ranked among the top countries in the world for quality of life. In addition, Canada is home to some of the best universities offering great Physics programs at the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels. Canada’s top universities in the best countries to study physics are given below-


Australia has a relatively small population compared to other countries, the country has great career opportunities and is best known for research and development that has made a profound impact on the world. Universities in Australia are known for providing excellent education for Physics and have a great reputation across the globe. Below are the top universities in UK for Physics-


The Government of Ireland has made significant investments in the country’s educational infrastructure, making Ireland a popular worldwide study destination for international students. Also Ireland is home to several top universities offering Physics programmes, the major ones being-

cost of reading and living

The average cost of studying a Physics program and living abroad in the above countries is shown in the table below:

Country average reading cost average cost of living
USA $25,000 – $37,000(INR 18,87,218 – INR 27,93,083) $1,000- $1,500(INR 75,519 – INR 1,13,233)
UK GBP 12,000 – GBP 35,000(INR 12,26,901 – INR 35,78,463) GBP 800 – GBP 1,000(INR 81,791 – GBP 1,02,239)
Canada CAD 13,000 – CAD 25,000(INR 7,70,867 – INR 14,82,437) CAD 1,000 – CAD 2,000(INR 59,247- INR 71,126)
Ireland EUR 9,000 – EUR 27,000 (INR 7,70,537 – INR 23,11,613) EUR 1,000 – EUR 1,200(INR 85,623 – INR 1,02,746)
Australia AUD 20,000 – AUD 55,000(INR 10,76,751 – 29,61,067) AUD 1,400 – AUD 2,000(INR 75,392 – INR 1,07,703)

eligibility requirements

To study Physics at Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral level in any of the above mentioned universities, you must first be able to meet the specific eligibility criteria set by the respective countries and universities. The eligibility requirements may be different for different universities and countries, but a common criterion to study Physics abroad is mentioned below:

  • For Bachelor’s degree in Physics you need science stream Must have passed 12th Class/ High School with Good Grade in
  • To do a postgraduate in Physics, you need to have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Physics with an average GPA of 3.0 or 65-70% and above.
  • To pursue Doctoral/PhD program in Physics, you must have a Masters degree in Physics or allied studies from a recognized university with a minimum of 50%.

english language requirements

To study abroad, you must first prove that you have English language proficiency. The minimum English Language Test score requirements for each country are mentioned below-

UK 7 or above 65-70 90-100
USA 6.5 or above 70 90
Australia 6.0 or above 65 79 or above
Canada 6.5 or above 61 90
Ireland 6.5 or above 61 88

Application Process

Step wise application process is given below-

Step-1: Shortlist Course and University

The first step in the application process is to select the courses and colleges based on your educational background. for this you AI-Course Finder You can use.

Step-2: Know the Application Deadline

The next step is to know the important dates for applying for universities and institutes. As an Indian student, you should start your application process at least one year to six months in advance so that you have time to take the entrance exam, English test and submit your application on time.

Phase-3: Entrance Test

For admission of students in foreign universities IELTS, TOEFL, PTE May be required to submit exam scores. So appear in the required test exam as per the requirements of your course and get proper marks.

Step-4: Submit your documents

The next step is to collect all the required documents and test scores for the application process. you now your SOP should start writing, from teachers and supervisors LORs You must obtain and organize your financial statements along with other documents such as test scorecards. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you must download your vaccine certificate and show the administered vaccine for application.

Step-5: Apply

After collecting all the documents, you can start applying by using the online application form provided by visiting the official website of the university. In this, first you have to create a user ID with your details. Then one has to select the courses, pay the application fee and start the online application process. If you have any problem with the application process, you can Leverage Edu You can also take help of experts.

Step-6 Track Application

Once you have completed and submitted the application form, you can track the status of your application to assess the deadline.

Step-7 Accept the offer

Once all the formalities are completed, the university will assess your application and provide you with a position with the department and course of your choice. You can accept or reject the application. If you choose to accept the offer you will be required to pay the fee and secure your position.

Step-8 Visa Application

Now finally apply for visa. It is necessary to secure accommodation, flight tickets, medical and health insurance, travel insurance before starting visa registration. The processing time for a New Zealand student visa is around 3-4 weeks. So start your preparation like this.

Required Documents

Career Options and Salary

If you are interested to start your career in Physics, then these are the approximate salary offered abroad-

job profile Salary in INR
meteorologist INR 25 Lakh to 48 Lakh
lab manager INR 25 Lakh to 54 Lakh
lecturer INR 20 Lakh to 40 Lakh
test engineer INR 30 Lakh to 53 Lakh
geophysicist INR 50 Lakh to 73.70 Lakh
Aeronautical engineer INR 55 Lakh to 76 Lakh
research scientist INR 50 Lakh to 81 Lakh


How long is a Bachelors degree in Physics in USA?

Bachelors degree in Physics in USA takes 4 years to complete in full time mode.

What are the intakes for international students to enter Canadian universities?

Canadian universities have three major intakes for international students i.e. Fall, Winter and Summer.

How many hours can I work as an international student in the USA?

The United States government allows international students to work 20 hours a week during the ongoing session while 40 hours a week during the session break.

Which are the best countries in the world to study Physics?

America, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland are the best countries to study Physics.

What are the eligibility requirements for Physics courses?

For Bachelors degree in Physics you must have passed 12th class/ High school with good grade in science stream. To pursue a postgraduate in Physics, you need to have a 4-year Bachelors degree in Physics with an average GPA of 3.0 or 65 – 70% and above. To pursue Doctoral/PhD program in Physics, you must have a Masters degree in Physics or allied studies from a recognized university with a minimum of 50%.

We hope that you have got all the information about the best countries to study Physics. If you want to study Physics courses abroad, then our Leverage Edu from experts 1800 572 000 and get guidance in selecting a suitable course and best university.

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