Why McGill University is Best to Study

Founded in 1821 in Montreal, Quebec, McGill University is the top-ranked open research university in Canada. It is consistently ranked as one of the best universities worldwide. With students from 150 countries, it is one of the most diverse educational institutions. Of its 41,000 students, 12,800 or 31% are international students. Let us know in detail about McGill University.

University name McGill University
the year of having stylish pants 1821
international student 12,800
total program 400
academic calendar Semester
work experience Required for graduation program
financial aid Scholarship
entrance examinations IELTS,GMAT,GRE

About McGill University

McGill University
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McGill University is one of the best and renowned, excellent institutions for learning in Canada. It is one of the top universities in the world. McGill is an international university. Many types of children from all corners of the country come to study in this university. They get studies of different types of subjects in this university.

Why choose McGill University?

Reasons why choose McGill University are given below-

  • With the highest average admissions grades of any Canadian university, McGill offers degree and 93 diploma programs in more than 500 fields of study.
  • About 150 students from all over the country go to study in this university. Students from all corners of the world come to this university to get information about medical and doctoral research.
  • McGill University is a good option for students.
  • The application deadline for McGill University in 2022 is January 15. Applicants should upload the supporting documents on the same date.
  • McGill University has been ranked 44th in the Global World Rankings 2022 and 27th in the QS World Rankings 2022 according to the Times Hiring Education World University.
  • The university exhibits a dedicated office for providing need-based scholarships to international students. The scholarship covers tuition fees, and allows students to go for work-study programs, apply for emergency loans, and other money management programs.

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McGill University Rankings

The rankings of McGill University are as follows:

  • According to the Time Higher Education World University Rankings 2022, it is ranked 44th in the global rankings.
  • Canada is ranked 32nd according to the TIME Higher Education World University Rankings 2022.
  • According to Kyes World Ranking 2022, it is ranked 27th in the global ranking.
  • Canada is ranked 4th according to the KYS World Ranking 2022.

Where is McGill University located?

McGill’s main campus is located at Mount Royal in downtown Montreal, with the second campus in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, on the island of Montreal, 30 kilometers (18 mi) west of the main campus. The university is a member of the Association of American Universities in the World Economic Leaders Forum (GULF) and the only Canadian school, made up of 26 of the world’s top universities, to act as an intellectual community mentoring community.

Programs and Courses at McGill University

The programs and courses are as follows:

programs courses
Undergraduate Program Bachelors, Minor, Major and Specialization
Graduation and Postdoctoral Program Masters, PhD, Postdoctoral
continuing studies Miscellaneous Programs and Curriculum
professional program Business Seminars and Custom Executive Education

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How to apply to McGill University?

The application process at McGill University is given below-

  • All supporting application documents and required supplementary materials must be uploaded directly to the McGill Admissions Processing System. For this you are our Leverage Edu You can take help of experts.
  • To get the admit card candidate should use the online application
  • An application fee that is a non-refundable Canadian fund payable by credit card must be covered for two program options per program. Some programs may charge an additional fee. If applicable, these will be automatically charged at the time of submission of the application form. Please note that the application fee and other fees are listed on the Student Accounts website.
  • The complete record of the candidate must be submitted online by you for study at each institution level of the University. Uploaded copies are considered unofficial; Final, official copies will be required of admitted applicants.
  • A reference letter has to be submitted along with the application form. You must provide the names and emails of at least two professors who are familiar with your academic work. McGill will contact these referees and invite them to upload references on your behalf. NB Some academic units require more than two referees.
  • The results of the entrance examinations are to be sent when registering for the test, please ensure that you request that the results be sent directly to McGill University. McGill will receive the results electronically directly from the testing agency.

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Required Documents

Given below is the list of documents required for admission to McGill University-

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Importance of Supporting Documents

It is in the interest of all the applicants to complete their files at the earliest. When program space is limited, preference may be given to applicants who have previously provided all required supporting documents. Should a program reach its potential before the document submission deadline, incomplete applications may be cancelled.

Application fee

Use credit card to pay the application fee. A non-refundable application fee of CAD 154 (₹9,240) for the Faculty of Medicine is required, CAD 110 (₹6,660) for the two program options.

Fees at McGill University

Below is a table of tuition fees and other required fees to be paid at McGill University.

program International Fee (CAD) Noncubic Fee (CAD)
Bachelor in Science and Arts 29,539 (INR 17.72 Lakh) 10,693 (INR 6.41 Lakh)
Bachelor in Commerce 59,650 (INR 35.79 Lakh) 10,759 (INR 6.45 Lakh)
Bachelor of Engineering 52,653 (INR 31.59 Lakh) 11,134 (INR 6.68 Lakh)
Bachelor of Social Work 23,949 (INR 14.36 Lakh) 10,596 (INR 6.35 Lakh)
Doctor of Dental Medicine 69,509 (INR 41.70 Lakh) 20,070 (INR 12.04 Lakh)

cost of living

The cost of living for students in Canada depends on their lifestyle, below are the common living costs:

types of expenses Cost (CAD)
Accomodation 5,000-10,000 (INR 3-6 lakh)/annum
transportation 80-110 (INR 4,800-6,600)/month
health insurance 300-500 (INR 18,000-30,000)/Month
Food 300-500 (INR 18,000-30,000)/Month
Entertainment 750 (INR 45,000)/month

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Scholarship at McGill University

McGill University offers scholarships to Bachelors students. The scholarship is given to the students on the basis of academic merit. All applicants to McGill’s Bachelor Programs are automatically considered for a one-year entrance scholarship. Provided that they fulfill the minimum educational requirements. An admission scholarship offer is not guaranteed even if they meet the minimum requirements.

Transfer, Mature, Diploma, Exchange, Special, Part-time and Visiting students are not eligible for the Entrance Scholarship. Below are some of the types of scholarships-

Scholarships Amount (CAD)
one-year scholarships 3,000 (INR 1.80 Lakh)
Major Scholarships 3,000-12,000 (INR 1.80-7.20 Lakh)


The University has a Career Planning Services (CAPS) team that helps students create a CV and find a suitable job, whether it is after completing a degree, summer job, part-time job or internship. However, international students must have a Canadian work-permit to pursue any kind of job in this country. Application for this permit must be submitted at least 6 months before you plan to apply for the job.

Students of this university working in financial services or executive management roles are paid more than those employed in any other sector. Also, McGill University’s LLM and MBA are one of the highest paying degrees with a salary of CAD 1-1.55 lakh per annum respectively. The industry that hired the maximum number of McGill graduates was financial services which was followed by consulting and technology with 91%.

Notable alumni

Notable alumni of McGill University are as follows:

Notable alumni profession
Justin Trudeau current prime minister of canada
Leonard Cohen singer-composer
Grimes musician
Jordan Peterson Professor
William Shatner actor
Christopher Plummer actor
Mackenzie Davis Actress
Laurie Holden Actress
Charles Krauthammer politician
Mahima Kaul Former Director of Twitter India


What is the basis of admission degree?

The basis of the admission degree is a 4-year or equivalent Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution, in any discipline or from a 3-year program from the University of Quebec where the applicant has obtained a Diploma of College Studies (Diploma D).

Does McGill Give Admission Preference to Graduates’ Relatives?

Admission to McGill is based on the applicant’s demonstrated academic merit. Letters of support from alumni, friends, and family do not benefit (or harm) an application. Some universities and colleges have legacy programs that give special admission consideration to relatives of graduates; McGill does not have a legacy admissions program.

Is McGill University the top university?

McGill is ranked 51 of the Best Global Universities based on University Rankings. The ranking of any university or college is done according to its merit, on the satisfaction of the children admitted in it. It is judged what the ranking of the university should be. You must have got the answer of these questions from the ragging of this school.

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