Why study at the University of California

One of the top tier universities in the world, the University of California, Los Angeles or UCLA is one of the most popular universities in the US. UCLA has made its place in the top 50 in the QS Rankings 2023 list. If you also wish to study in this best university, then let us know all the information about the University of California in detail in this blog.

university University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Los Angeles
Established year 1919
Global QS University Rankings 2023 #44
total international students 12000
Faculty / Student Ratio 1.8
endowment value $12.3 billion (₹93,220 thousand crore)
fees Undergraduate – $50,000-60,000 (₹37.69-45.23 Lakh)
Postgraduate – $57,000-1.02 Lakh (₹42.97-76.90 Lakh)
acceptance rate 14%
UG: PG Course Ratio 1.2
Scholarship 1. Narottam Shekhsaria Scholarship
2. Hani Jaini Scholarship
3. Harvey Fellowship
4.Inlaks Scholarship
5. CCSE Graduate Scholarship

California University

The University of California, Los Angeles was established in the year 1919 and is spread over more than 419 acres of land. It is the second oldest university after the University of California, Berkeley. UCLA is counted among the best higher education institutions in the country. UCLA offers around 150 undergraduate and 125+ postgraduate programs. Several colleges have been developed within the campus such as the School of the Arts and Architecture, the Herb Alpert School of Music, and the School of Nursing. UCLA ranks among the top 10 universities in the world for mathematics, psychology, chemistry, biological sciences, medicine, arts and humanities, life sciences and medicine, electrical and electronic engineering, geography, linguistics, and English language and literature, according to US News .

University of California
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More than 55 faculty members of the university have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, 32 to the National Academy of Engineering, 40 to the Institute of Medicine and many more to the National Academy of Inventors and the National Academy of Education. Most of the competitions are held at the Poly Pavilion campus In which the volleyball, basketball teams as well as the women’s gymnastics teams participate. The UCLA 1000 student organizations provide many opportunities for students to pursue their interests in sports.

Why choose the University of California?

Some of the reasons to choose Rutgers University are given below-

  • courses: University of California – Los Angeles offers admission into over 250 programs and subject areas. Students can choose from 125 undergraduate and more than 120 postgraduate and doctoral programs at UCLA.
  • Work while studying: International students can work up to 20 hours per week during the autumn and spring semesters by enrolling and submitting documents such as F-1 visa and tax formalities.
  • Campus and Accommodation: The university campus has almost all sports and recreational facilities for international students ranging from fitness center to stadium, basketball court, tennis center, swimming pool, football ground and many other facilities.
  • placement: University students can get 100% employability within 6 months of graduation. According to university data, Executive Master’s students earn an average salary of $2.1 million to $2.5 million (₹15–18 crore) per year after graduating from UCLA.
Source: The Campus Quad

Did You Know: The sports team at the University of California is called The Bruins.

California University Ranking

The University of California rankings are as follows:

QS World University Rankings 2023 #44
THE (Times Higher Education) University Rankings 2022 #20
US News & World Report Global University Rankings 2022 #27
US News & World Report Global National University Rankings 2022 #20
US News & World Report Top Public School Rankings #1

acceptance rate

The UCLA acceptance rate for international students in session 2019 was only 8%. Around 111,322 students applied for the 2019 session out of which only 13,720 students were selected for admission. Thus, it is very difficult to secure a place in the highly coveted seats of this university.

The general acceptance rate in 2020 was 12.4%. This means that, out of every 100 candidates, about 12 are accepted. The acceptance rate for admission in the year 2023 increased to 28%. Hence, exceptional academic record, TOEFL And IELTS You can get admission by scoring high marks in competitive exams like

University of California Important Dates

Below are the application deadlines for the University of California Los Angeles-

program application deadline
MBA Round-1 (5 October 2022)
Round-1 (14 December 2022)
Round-2 (4 January 2023)
Round-2 (22 March 2023)
Round-3 (12 April 2023)
Round-3 (17 May 2023)
MS Electrical and Computer Engineering Fall 2023 (15 December 2022)
MS Computer Science Fall 2023 (15 December 2022)
MS Business Analytics Round-1 (7 January 2023)
Round-2 (11 March 2023)
Round-3 (13 May 2023)
MS Financial Engineering Round-3 (30 April 2023)
Round-2 (1 March 2023)
Round-1 (31 December 2022)
BS Computer Science 2023 Intake (30 November 2022)

University of California Fees

The fee structure for the University of California is as follows:

Program Average Annual Tuition Fee (USD)
undergraduate 20,000-50,000 (₹15.09-37.69 Lakh)
post graduate 57,000-60,000 (₹42.97-45.28 Lakh)

Did You Know: Many Hollywood movies like Old School, Legally Bond, Natty Professor, How High and American Pie were shot on the California campus. The shooting of a famous Bollywood film ‘My name is Khan’ was also done here.

cost of living

The cost of living in California and Los Angeles depends on the lifestyle of the students, below are the common cost of living –

types of expenses Amount (USD)
Residence (single room) 4,000-5,000 (₹3-3.5 Lakh)
Meal 4,000 (₹3 lakh)
Books and Supplies (estimate) $1,200-1,500 (₹89k-1.1 lakh)
sundry expenses $400 (₹30,000)

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Top Courses of University of California

Some of the popular degree courses offered by the University of California are as follows:

Course Duration
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2 years
Master of Science in Business Analytics 15 months
Master of Computer Science 2 years
Bachelor of Computer Science 4 years
Bachelor of Science 4 years
Masters in Management (MIM) 1-2 years
Master of Architecture 2-3 years
Bachelor of Business Administration 4 years
MA 1-2 years
PhD 2-3 years
Master of Public Health 1-2 years
Master of Social Science 1-2 years

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University of California Admission Eligibility

The essential qualifications in the University of California are given below-

Eligibility for Bachelor’s Degree Course

  • For Bachelor’s degree course, the applicant must have secured first class (60-80%) marks in 12th.
  • Applicants for some specific Bachelor’s courses SAT either act Scores are demanded. Required test scores are as follows –
  • If the applicant does not have the original transcripts in English, they must also provide an official translation.
  • English Proficiency Test for any course like TOEFL, IELTS Scores are required.

Eligibility for Master’s degree course

  • For master’s degree course, all the applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Bachelor’s degree must have a first or upper second class (2.1) or at least a 3.5 (or international equivalent) GPA score.
  • For these postgraduate courses GMAT Score is required. Necessary GMAT The score is 713.
  • MBA And for some other specialized Masters program, applicants must have at least two years of full-time work experience.
  • If the applicant does not have the original transcripts in English, he must also provide an official translation of the same.
  • English Proficiency Test for any course like TOEFL, IELTS Scores are required. Necessary TOEFL score 77 and IELTS Score is 7.

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Application process for University of California

The application process for the University of California is as follows:

  1. First of all register by visiting the official website of California University.
  2. After registering on the University website, you will receive a username and password.
  3. Then after sign in to the website select your chosen course.
  4. Now Educational Qualification, IELTS, TOEFLMarks of Entrance Exam, S.O.P., Lor, CV/Resume Fill the application form with
  5. Thereafter submit the application form and pay the required application fee of $70 (5,283 INR).

required documents

Some of the important documents are listed below-

Did You Know: The University of California has won 261 Olympic medals along with 118 NCAA Championships.

Scholarship Schemes at University of California

There are many scholarship programs available at the University of California that provide financial aid to the needy and deserving students. Some of the top scholarship programs of the University of California are listed below-

Scholarship Zodiac (USD)
Narottam Shekhsaria Scholarship 26,530 (INR 20 Lakh)
Hani Jaini Scholarship 1,000 (INR 75,530)
Harvey Fellowship 16,000 (INR 12.07 Lakh)
Inlaks Scholarship 10,000 (INR 75.46 Lakh)
CCSE Graduate Scholarship 5,000 (INR 3.77 Lakh)
Golden’s Graduate Scholar Award 2,500 (INR 1.88 Lakh)


Following are the job profiles and salaries that students get in their respective fields after graduation from the University of California-

job profiles Annual Average Salary (USD)
dentist 1.33-2 Lakh (INR 1-1.5 Crore)
physical therapist 86,666-89,333 (INR 65-67 Lakh)
research scientist 1.09-1.12 Lakh (INR 82-84 Lakh)
clinical pharmacist 1.30-1.33 Lakh (INR 98-1 Crore)
data scientist 1.26-1.29 Lakh (INR 95-97 Lakh)
pediatric nurse practitioner 1.04-1.06 Lakh (INR 78-80 Lakh)
Pharmacist 1.20-1.22 Lakh (INR 90-92 Lakh)

Notable alumni

Notable alumni of the University of California are as follows:

Notable alumni profession
Kareem Abdul-Jabbari former basketball player
Sara Bareilles singer, musician
Ben Stiller actor
Danielle Panabaker Actress
Jim Morrison great singer, guitarist
Jack Black actor, singer, guitarist
James Dean actor
steve martin actor
Jackie Robinson former baseball player
Kristen Stewart Actress


What is the acceptance rate of University of California?

The University of California has an acceptance rate of 14%.

What is the rank of California in Global QS University Rankings 2023?

California ranks #44 in the Global QS University Rankings 2023.

What is the fees for Bachelor degree course in University of California?

The fees for Bachelor’s degree course in California University is $50,000-60,000 (₹37.69-45.23 Lakh).

What are the required scores for IELTS and TOEFL in University of California?

The required scores for IELTS and TOEFL at California University are 77, 7 respectively.

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