Why take admission in Imperial College London?

Imperial College London is ranked 7th according to the QS World Ranking 2022. Imperial College London is the only institution in the UK that focuses solely on science, engineering, medicine and business. Imperial College London offers an education that is research-led, exposes you to real-world challenges whilst providing opportunities to work in multicultural, multi-national teams. Let us know in detail about Imperial College London in this blog.

university Imperial College London
Establishment 1907, London, UK
Global QS University Rankings 2022 #07
international student rate 56%
endowments value GBP 157.1 million
acceptance rate 43.3%
international students about 6,138
scholarship -Fort Foundation Scholarship
Imperial College, Imperial Excellence Scholarship
-Entrepreneurship Scholarship
-Women Finance Scholarship
Website https://www.imperial.ac.uk/

Imperial College London

Imperial College London was established in 1907. Imperial College is located in South Kensington, London, which is known as ‘Albertopolis’. One of the reasons Imperial College is special is its education system. Here students can become part of a community of world-class researchers. Imperial College’s research is considered among the best to be cutting edge and globally impactful.

The Royal College of Science, the Royal School of Mines, the Business School and Queens Tower, the Museum, the Royal College of Music, the National Art Library are part of the Imperial College London campus. Apart from these, the college also has more than one restaurant and cafe.

Imperial College is one of the best international universities in the world, with 59% non-UK citizens in 2019-20. Presently the university campus represents more than 140 countries. 14 Nobel Laureates, 3 Fields Medalists, 2 Breakthrough Prize winners, 1 Turing Award winner, 74 Fellows of the Royal Society, 87 Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering and 85 Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences as students, staff and researchers .

Why choose Imperial College London?

Source: Imperial College London

Below are some of the reasons why Imperial College London was chosen to help you decide why to study at Imperial College London:

  • A four-storey carbon capture pilot plant has been built to industrial standards in the university campus.
  • Hydrodynamics Laboratory has been built to measure waves and their effects.
  • The KPMG Data Observatory (DO) is built, the largest system of its kind in Europe, consisting of a circular wall of 64 monitors operated by 32 computers, which allow 313-degree vision all around.
  • The lab has test flight facilities for hybrid unmanned aerial robots, which are tracked by 16 high-speed 3D cameras. There are eight more facilities to track underwater movement.
  • The wind tunnels here cover speeds ranging from a few meters a second to Mach 9.
  • Economically weak students are also taken special care of in Imperial College. Many types of scholarship programs are run for the students. So that they can fulfill their dream of studying at Imperial College London.
  • According to The (Times Higher Education) 2022, Imperial College London is ranked 11th. And according to the University Rankings (UK) – The Complete University Guide 2022, it is on the top 5th rank in the UK.
  • At Imperial College London, students can pursue a part-time job alongside their studies. UK student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours a week. Not only this, UK also provides you a working visa for up to 2 years after completing your studies.

Prince Albert and Sir Henry Cole dreamed of combining science and art at this place in the 19th century.

Imperial College Ranking

The category wise ranking is given below:

Source ranking
qs world ranking 2022 #07
Times Higher Education 2022 #12
University Rankings (UK) – The Complete University Guide 2022 #05
Global Universities – US News & World Report 2022 #20
University Rankings – The Guardian 2022 #07
University Ranking – ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) 2021 #25

Imperial College London Deadline

To take admission in Imperial College London, you must know its deadline. The deadline is explained with the help of the table below:

academic year autumn term spring term summer term
2021 – 2022 2 October 2021 – 17 December 2021 8 January 2022 – 25 March 2022 30 April 2022 – 1 July 2022
2022 – 2023 1 October 2022 – 16 December 2022 7 January 2023 – 24 March 2023 29 April 2023 – 30 June 2023

Fee Structure of Imperial College London

The fee structure at Imperial College London also varies according to the courses offered. Below is the information about their fees according to all the courses:

courses time period annual fees (GBP)
MBA 12 months 57,905 (₹ 57.9 Lakh)
MBBS 6 years 42,203 (₹ 47.2 Lakh)
MIM 12 years 16,801-37,903 (₹16.8-37.9 Lakh)
BE/BTech 3 – 5 years 32,102-35,503 (₹ 32.1-35.5 Lakh)
MS 12 – 24 months 22,001-39,203 (₹ 22-39.2 Lakh)
Bsc 3 – 4 years 32,402-34,903 (₹ 32.4-34.9 Lakh)
other courses 1 – 3 years 15,101-37,103 (₹15.1-37.1 Lakh)
M Sc 1-2 years 36,200 (₹36.2 Lakh)
M Eng 1-2 years 35,200 (₹35.2 Lakh)
M Res 1-2 years 35,400 (₹35.4 Lakh)

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living expenses

The cost of living for students in UK depends on their lifestyle, below are the common cost of living-

type of expense Cost (GBP)
Visa Application Fee 348 (INR 34,480)
Accommodation 500 (INR 50,000) month
transportation 150-200 (INR 15,000-20,000) month
Meal 150-200 (INR 15,000-20,000) month
clothing and holidays 50 (INR 5,000) month

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Eligibility for Imperial College London

Given below are the course wise qualifications at Imperial College London:

  • For Bachelor degree program, students must have secured at least 50%-60% marks in 12th.
  • If you want to apply for Masters, you need to complete a four year Bachelor’s degree.
  • If you want to apply for PhD, then you need to pass master’s degree in relevant courses.
  • A good IELTS / TOEFL The score must be in the form of proficiency in English language.
  • You have a good chance to take admission in Master’s degree in Imperial College. GMAT/GRE There should be a score.
courses Exams
MBA GMAT: 600 & Above
GRE: 314 & above
IELTS: 7 & Above
MBBS IELTS: 6.5 & Above
PTE: 62 & Above
MIM IELTS: 6.5-7
PTE: 69 & Above
BE/BTech IELTS: 6.5-7
PTE: 62 & Above
MS IELTS: 6.5-7
PTE: 69 & Above
Bsc IELTS: 6.5-7
PTE: 62 & Above
Other Courses IELTS: 6.5-7

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Application Process for Imperial College London

The application process for Imperial College London is explained below:

Application Process for Bachelors Course

The application process for Bachelors courses at Imperial College London is as follows–

  • for this you ucs Register by visiting the portal. From here you will get the User ID and Password.
  • Sign in with the User ID and select the University and select the course you wish to opt for.
  • Fill your educational information in the next step.
  • with educational qualification IELTS, TOEFLentrance exam score SOP, Lor Fill in the information.
  • Fill the job information of previous years.
  • Pay the registration fee.
  • Finally submit the application form.

Application process for Master’s course

The application process for master’s courses at Imperial College is as follows-

  • Register on the official website of the university. From here you will get the User ID and Password.
  • Sign in with User ID and select the course you wish to opt for.
  • Fill your educational information in the next step.
  • with educational qualification IELTS, TOEFLentrance exam score SOP, Lor Fill in the information.
  • Fill the job information of previous years.
  • Pay the registration fee.
  • Finally submit the application form.

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required documents

To take admission in Imperial College, it is necessary to have the following documents:

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Faculties and Departments at Imperial College London

Imperial College London is organized through a network of faculties and departments. All the Faculties and Departments are mentioned below:

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Natural Science

Faculty of Medicine

  • brain science
  • Immunology and Inflammation
  • infection disease
  • Metabolism, digestion and reproduction
  • surgery and cancer
  • Institute of Clinical Science
  • National Heart and Lung Institute
  • public health school

Imperial College Business School

Global Institute

  • Energy Futures Laboratory
  • Gandhi Center for Inclusive Innovation
  • Grantham Institute for Climate Change
  • Institute for Security Science and Technology
  • Center for Health Economics and Policy Innovation
  • Braven Howard Center for Financial Analysis and Technology
  • Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index
  • Data Science Institute
  • Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering
  • Institute of Global Health Innovation
  • Francis Crick Institute

Scholarships at Imperial College London

Studying in Imperial College London is the dream of many students, but sometimes due to financial problems, the dream of the students remains unfulfilled. So the scholarship is made available by the university, government, private organizations for the students. Below is a list of some of the scholarships that students can apply for-

Scholarship program Zodiac (GBP)
Narottam Sekhsaria Scholarship Business, Science, Humanities 20,001 (₹ 20 Lakh)
Hani Jenny Scholarship Business 1,000 (₹1 lakh)
Harvey Fellowship Business 16,000 (₹16 Lakh)
Inlax Scholarship science, humanities 100,000 (₹ 1 crore)
Global Studies Award Business 10,000 (₹ 10 Lakh)
Gyan Dhan Scholarship Business 1,000 (₹ 1 lakh)
QS Undergraduate Scholarship Business 10,000 (₹ 10 Lakh)


Imperial College London and Imperial College Business School offer Advanced Placement opportunities to international students. Various career events are organized by Imperial College every year, including lunchtime talks, employer-led skills workshops and mock interviews with employers. In addition, Imperial provides career support to students for up to 3 years after graduation, which can be highly beneficial to students seeking post-degree employment in the UK. Students completing their Executive Masters at Imperial College London earn an average salary of GBP 1.08 lakh per annum.

Notable alumni

Following are the names of notable alumni of Imperial College London:

Notable alumni profession
Brian Mayhew musician
Alexander Fleming Nobel laureate, physician and microbiologist
Rajiv Gandhi former prime minister of india
roger bannister british athlete
paul young musician
William Henry Perkin the chemist
Cyrus Pallonji Mistry Former Chairman of Tata Group
William Crookes the chemist
david irving famous author
Laila Morani politician


How much do you need to get admission in Imperial College London? CGPA is needed?

To get admission in Imperial College London you need CGPA around 4 to 5.

Is there on-campus accommodation available at Imperial College London?

Yes, Imperial College London offers campus accommodation for UG and PG students.

How much are visa application fees?

The visa application fee is approximately £348 which is INR 34,648.

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