World Waves Program Helps Students Adjust

Corey Robertson, Assistant Director of Student Success and Program Leader, said international students in their second year, Pepperdine The World Waves Program is an optional fall program to help you adjust during your first semester in the US.

Robertson said that through the World Waves program each international student is paired with a Pepperdine student who acts as a mentor and helps them adjust. The program also includes various experiences and opportunities such as dining with professors and excursions to Malibu international students, etc.

robertson said That World Waves started helping international students adjust to Pepperdine a little more quickly. The program aims to connect students to the broader Pepperdine community.

Fan Zhang, an international student from China, said learning about other cultures was a big reason she joined World Waves. Learning about other languages ​​and cultures has always been my passion. At Pepperdine, I not only wanted to learn about American culture, I also tried to look for other opportunities to build relationships with international students.

Zhang also said that she was part of the World Waves program last year and decided to be a mentor to one of the new Pepperdine international students in the program this year.

Zhang continued, “As an international student, I understand all the excitement and anxiety that new international students come to campus before. After spending a year at Pepperdine, I have experienced the many wonderful opportunities and resources that Pepperdine can provide to international students.

During her time on the program last year, Zhang said she experienced many different activities and excursions such as when the whole group went to Sunlife at the end of the semester.

Zhang said that at Sunlife, the group began sharing memories of the program, writing notes to each other and taking pictures.

Zhang said this year is Robertson’s second year overseeing the World Waves program, and about 21 students are participating. In addition to the students, there are professors associated with the program, including Brian Newman, who teach HUM 295—enriching the international experience.

Brian Newman said, “As the class title suggests, we are trying to enrich each other’s experience at Pepperdine and America by providing opportunities to engage with the culture and deeply reflect on our experiences “

Newman also said that students make sure to immerse themselves in the local culture and reflect on the activities they shared together.

Newman also said that along the way we are thankful to the handful of student partners, some from the US and some international students. Student partners in and outside the classroom facilitate small groups where we can support and learn from each other.

It’s lovely to see World Waves students run and thrive on campus during this program, said Newman.

Newman said spending time with the students of World Waves has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done at Pepperdine. I love hanging out with these funny, brave, observant, funny people and learning from them. They challenge me, make me laugh, help me face other ways of looking at the world, and teach me about the places they live in.

Robertson said students who wish to participate in the program as a student partner can apply through the Pepperdine Student Instagram or email the Student Success Center. If an international student wishes to join, they can contact the Student Success Center.

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