Yale University in favor of international students

Yale University says it continues to advocate at the federal level for students and scholars from outside the USA to participate in the Yale community. Currently, working to encourage federal policies that allow international students to enter the country and relax their choice of research major or field.

As the university expands the number of international students accepted on its campus and improves its global ties, the number and importance of international students on Yale’s campus has grown.

One is federal policy Proclamation 10043, which has prevented many Chinese graduate students from attending their Yale studies. The policy, adopted by the Trump administration in 2020, prohibits Chinese universities from admitting or issuing visas to Chinese citizens enrolled in graduate programs in the US. The policy has since been continued by the Biden administration.

Craig Roy, faculty director of the Yale Biomedical and Biological Sciences Graduate Program, which works closely with international graduate students, has seen some of the difficulties of the visa application process, especially for Chinese students.

Roy also cited Presidential Proclamation 10043 for the gap in the larger joint program between Yale and CSC “which admitted 20 students a year to our graduate program.”

Visa frustrations at Yale have affected undergraduates as well. According to Fredrik Fauser ’26, student visa policy sometimes limits career options for international students in the United States.

“I think not being able to intern or get a job outside Yale because of the F1 visa frustrates a lot of international people,” said Fauser.

Richard Jacobs, who serves as Yale’s lobbyist and associate vice president for federal and state relations, could not be reached for comment.

Ozan Say, who serves as director of the Office of International Students and Scholars, pointed out that Salovey has on several occasions reaffirmed the university’s “firm commitment” to international scholars.

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