Your question: BSc Microbiology valo ko Lab Technician Ka course kerna pedta hay

Sir Bsc microbiology valo ko bi Lab technician Ka course kerna pedta hay, Kya microbiology valy paramedical may nahi aaty Kya?

Hello Omprakash.
You have asked us 2 questions, so I am answering both of your questions one by one. The answer to your first question is that if you have done B.Sc Microbiology degree and now you want to make your future in lab technician, then you must definitely do lab technician course. Because when we switch from one field to another, we should have an in-depth understanding of that course. Taking a lab technician course will make it easier for you to switch from microbiology to lab technician. As I understand from your question that you have done B.Sc Microbiology so you can choose master degree or short term course in lab technician. lab technician courses You can also read our blog to know about it.

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At the same time, your second question is, do those with microbiology not come in paramedical? So let me tell you that those with microbiology can come in paramedical. However, both microbiology and paramedical are different fields. Microbiology courses come under Life Science. While courses like physiotherapy, rehabilitation therapy, occupational therapy etc. paramedical course come under. Any such course which is related to biological science comes in life science.

To get into Paramedical from Microbiology you must do Paramedical course. In Paramedical, you can do three types of courses according to your previous degree and qualification: Diploma course, Certificate course and Degree course. You can also read our blog for detailed information about Paramedical.

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