Your question: What to do after doing BA?

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after BA You have two paths first- you can pursue your further master’s degree and second you can apply for the job. For what to do after BA, only BA degree does not matter, but your subjects matter more like- if you have done your bachelor degree in maths subject, then you can choose data science or operational research.

If you want to change your stream, then you can have many more options like- B.Ed., MBA, M.Ed, LLB, M.Sc. , Apart from this, you can also choose professional courses. Professional courses are those courses after which your chances of getting a job increase like- Fine Art, Journalism, Digital Marketing, Designing, PGDM etc. Here are some of the top courses after BA:

  1. B.Ed
  2. MA
  3. MBA
  4. M.Ed
  5. LLB
  6. M.Sc. (M.Sc)
  7. Diploma
  8. Hotel Management Course
  9. Fashion Designer
  10. Basic Training Certificate (BTC)
  11. Basic School Training Course (BSTC)
  12. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  13. Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
  14. PG Diploma / Masters in Journalism and Communication
  15. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
  16. Bachelor of Library Science
  17. Masters/PG Diploma in Digital Marketing
  18. LLB
  19. foreign language courses
  20. PG Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  21. PG Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA)
  22. PG Diploma in Digital Marketing
  23. PGDEMA

You USA, UK, Canada, AustraliaYou can pursue your higher education from countries like New Zealand. For this, you can make a career abroad after BA in Designing, Journalism, Event Management, Law etc.

Another option you have is to choose to pursue a master’s degree abroad. Opting to study abroad after BA can give a different turn to your career. You can go abroad for MBA. Now you will have in your mind that which university is good abroad, which can get you your degree cheaply. so something for Oxford University, Cambridge University, Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, Edinburgh University, Newcastle University, King’s College London, Monash University Like there are top universities where you can take admission.

You need to take admission abroad IELTS either TOEFL Work experience is required along with the score. You can use this number to take admission abroad 1800572000 call us and Leverage Edu You can talk with experts. They will help you with your application process as well as the scholarship, loan and visa process.

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