Your questions: In which field are there new work opportunities for Indians in America?

Hello Gurupreet.

Opportunities are available for Indians in America to work in various fields. You will find Indians working in almost every field in America. to work in america information technology, MedicalScientific Research, Management, Engineering, Technical Sector, Sales, Administrative, Teaching, Nursing, Media etc fields are available. These fields will also provide you high salary.

However, if you have done your higher studies from America itself, then it is easy to get a job there. Because there are some jobs in America, for which you need a license or a certificate is required.

Here I am telling you about some high salary job profiles in America for which you can apply:

  • Highest paying job profiles in America anesthesiologist, surgeon, gynecologistorthodontist, physician, psychiatrist etc. The average annual salary of these John profiles is $208,000 (1.71 crores).
  • Second highest paying job profile Nurse Whose average annual salary is $183,580 ( INR1.51 Crore).
  • Pediatricians come in third place, these are children’s doctors. Their average annual salary is $177,130 (INR1.45 Crore).
  • one in america dentist The average annual salary is $158,940 (INR1.30 Crore).
  • come after pilotThe average salary of a pilot in the US is $130,440 (INR1 Crore).
  • The average salary of an IT Manager in the US is $151,150 (INR1.24 Crore).
  • One laire The average salary is $126,930 (INR1 Crore).

There are other job profiles like Marketing Manager, Financial Manager, Petroleum Engineer etc., which provide high salary.

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