Your questions: What is a bachelor’s degree called in the United States?

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If you want to know what a bachelor degree is called in America, then you should first know America’s education system. In the US, education is provided through state schools (public) and independent schools (private) and through homeschooling by individuals. According to the education system of America, it is mandatory for a student to start his education from the age of 6 to the age of 18 years. The education system of the United States is divided into 4 major parts- Primary, Middle Education, Secondary Education and Tertiary Education.

education level age in years class/grade Duration (in years)
primary Elementary School 6 to 11 1 to 5 5
secondary 1. Middle/Junior High School 2. High School/Senior High School 11 to 1414 to 18 6 to 89 to 12 34
Tertiary higher education 18+ University 3 or 4

Now if we talk about your question, then education in America is divided into 4 parts, about which I have told you above. Talk about a bachelor’s degree there, what it is called, I am giving you the list of it.

Associate Degree 2 years
Bachelors Degree 3 – 4 years
Master’s Degree (Professional) 1 to 3 years
Master’s Degree (Academics) 2 years
Doctorate or PhD 5 to 8 years

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