Your questions: What is the difference between BTech and BE, which degree will be more beneficial?

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Nice to know that you want to make your career in the field of engineering. Now if we talk about BTech and BE, then there is one thing, the duration of both the courses is same, that is, 4 years with 8 semesters. But still there is some difference between the two. BE is more knowledge-based whereas B Tech is skill based. The course of B Tech is more updated as the skills change as per the industrial requirements. Also, internships and industrial trips are mandatory for B Tech students, while it is not mandatory for BE students. There is also some other difference between BTech and BE, which you have been told about below.

BE BTech
BE is a 4 year course. BTech is a 4 year course.
BE is a knowledge based course. BTech is a skill based course.
Industrial visits and internships are required but not mandatory. Industrial visits and internships are essential in BTech.
The main focus is on understanding the fundamentals and gaining theoretical knowledge. This program mainly deals with the technical aspect of science or is more practical in nature.
Since it is more knowledge-based, the course is not updated as often as others. Since it is more skill-based and technology base, the course is updated frequently.
Generally, universities offering various courses other than engineering like humanities, arts etc. offer BE Generally, academic institutions that specifically offer engineering courses refer to their degree as B Tech.

Now if we talk about which of the two degrees will be more beneficial then it will be B.Tech. B.Tech is skill based and updated course. In this you will also get an opportunity to do internship, which will give you work experience.

If you are thinking of studying engineering, then for this you can also choose the option of Study Abroad. One of the biggest advantages of studying abroad here is that it builds your network at the international level. Internships and work opportunities are available in top companies of the world.

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